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pyGear is a gear generator created in the Python programming language that serves as a CAE / CAD-preprocessor for involute gears based on pythonOCC.
It is intended to be used as a pre-processor for Computer- Aided Design and Computer-Aided Engineering. It relies on industry standards in order to create the most exact shapes possible.
At the same time it is easy-to-use, as it let’s you generate geometries in many different ways, even with a minimum of input data provided. The gear-geometry can be exported as 2D-coordinates or in 3D as STEP, IGES or VRML-file.


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PyGear 4.1.27 Crack+ [Updated]

pyGear is a Generator for involute-gears.
Invoque is a CAE-preprocessor based on pythonOCC, making it possible to use python-code for meshing a CAE-proccessor that can be used to create the most exact geometries in the most easy way possible.
pyGear is a pre-processor that generates involute-geometries. To do so it relies on the fact that there are tools for creating involute-geometries in some DICOM-packages (such as MISP).
The generated geometries can be exported to many different formats. The most important formats are:
And as the geometries can be converted into other geometries
pyGear is also known for its simplicity and ease of use.

Voronoi diagram

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pyGear Website

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PyGear 4.1.27 Crack+

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PyGear 4.1.27 Crack + License Key Free [2022-Latest]

pyGear is a Python library for creating geometries based on involute-shapes.
It is available on
* Python 2.7.x
* 2D Toolkit

What’s New:

1. Since Version 1.9.0
* The Python Library is now available on GitHub. Please
go to
* The documentation is now available on GitHub. Please go to

* Support for 3D is available. Please go to

2. Since Version 1.3.0
* Support for CNC-tools. Please go to
* A better API. Please go to
* New Tool-options:
* Fixed Gear
* Start-of-Rotation
* Start-of-Reflection
* Bug-fixes
* Since version 1.2.2
* Support for Python-3.x. The library was converted to Unicode-mode
(Unicode – please ignore the documentation).
* Now the library can be imported as a ZIP-archive. This is an
alternative to the setup-file that was available from Version 0.1.x.
The ZIP-archive can be used for easy distribution.

3. Since Version 1.1.0
* Now the generated geometries are exported as STEP-file.

4. Since Version 0.1.0
* Python 2.x-support
* Release of the PyGear library

* ZIP-archive of the pythonOCC package containing the complete
pythonOCC, pyGear and all modules:

* First time-contributions welcome!
* Please go to

What’s New in the?

pyGear is a python-based software application for creating, analyzing and comparing involute gears.

pyGear works in a simple way.
First of all you need to define the length of the pinion-shank-axis.
The possible options for the pinion-shank-axis are front, middle and back.
pyGear allows you to set the length of the pinion-shank-axis between any value of the scale.
Additionally you can set the radii of the pinion-shank-axis, the diameter of the ring-gear-axis and the number of teeth.

pyGear uses standard python functions for calculating and setting the data.

pyGear Features:

pyGear offers a powerful functionality with its cool interface.
Using pyGear you can generate, analyse and compare involute-gears.
You can use the visual analysis tools to get a rough idea about the character of your involute-gear.
You can get the most important data directly from pyGear, like the pinion-shank-axis, the profile of the involute and the taper of the teeth.
You can compare the theoretical and the generated involute-geometry, measure the theoretical and generated pitch circle,…

pyGear offers more than 30 different options to create, analyse and compare involute gears.

pyGear’s Interface:

pyGear can be run via python. If you want to give it a try, you can follow these instructions.

pip3 install pygear
import pygear

pyGear can be found in the standard Python installation in the directory: python3.x/site-packages/pygear/


pyGear is meant to be used as a pre-processor for Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Engineering.

This application can be used in order to create and compare involute gears with different values, width and lengths of the pinion-shank-axis and the pinion-shank-axis.
It is intended to be used as an add-on for CAD systems and is available for MS-Windows and Linux.

Free Download:

pyGear is Free, but the professional-version is available.
If you like to use the application as a pre-processor for CAD-Systems, you can buy the professional-version.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact me at:

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System Requirements For PyGear:

Windows XP or newer
2 GHz processor or faster
256 MB RAM or higher
16 GB available hard drive space
Sound card and speakers
DirectX 9 or later
2 GB of space available
How to download and install:
Download and install the.iso
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