Top 5 Morning Routines

of Productive Real Estate Agents

By Gianne Orillosa

A productive real estate agent starts the day with a great morning routine. 

1. Get up when you want

They say that the most successful people are morning people. Night owls can still have a productive morning routine. What matters is not how early you get up but getting in sync with your body’s clock. Your body understands what to do and when. 


2. Get ready the night before

Many successful real estate agents prepare for the next day at night. End your evenings by outlining three goals for the next day. Since we have limited willpower and are surrounded by distractions, eliminating morning decision-making boosts energy and productivity.

3. Decide on your activities

You don’t need a lengthy morning routine. Prayer, followed by meditation, writing, or reading, may help you achieve a positive outcome for the day.

4. Exercise and hydrate

Exercising will get your blood flowing. Drink water while moving to maintain energy. Try to drink 1 liter of water (not coffee) within one hour of getting out of bed.


5. Eat the frog

The “frog” is your most significant activity for the day. It could be responding to a demanding client or lead generation. To feel accomplished first thing in the morning, perform this work first.


For a productive day, create your perfect morning routine. Track your progress. Winning the morning is winning the day.

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